The History of Bioesthetics


 The traditional approach to dentistry results from the evaluation and resolution if pathology. As dentists,

we have become very proficient and sophisticated in dealing with remedial problems. That is to say, we

have learned to identify and resolve infection in the form of decay and gum disease. Admittedly, this is a

tremendous service to our patients allowing them to save teeth and improve their quality of life. The

drawback to this approach is that we as dentists are tempted to treat teeth one tooth at a time without

consideration of the system as a whole.

     Several years ago Dr. Robert Lee, D.D.S., took a more biologic approach and studied dentistry from the point of view of perfect health. He recognized that there were several patients in his practice, many of them elderly, with perfect dentitions. With good oral hygiene and adequate remedial care, these patients had little or no infectious disease. Moreover, they had none of the wear or breakdown that we commonly see beginning with teenagers and continuing throughout life. Dr. Lee found that these fortunate people had two things in common. First and most importantly they had a stable temporomandibular joint (TMJ), free of deflections caused by pathologic contacts in the posterior teeth. Second, they had properly aligned and sharp tooth forms, which guided the chewing stroke and always returned the jaw to its stable position.

    Dr. Charles Wold has been practicing dentistry as diagnosed from the TMJ for nearly 30 years. In the1980′s Dr. Wold discovered Dr. Lee’s work and mentored under him. Both Dr. Lee and Dr. Wold have treated literally hundreds of patients each, using these principles that we call Orognathic Bioesthetics. Dr. Wold continued Dr. Lee’s work and research and formed a new institute teaching the clinical applications of Bioesthetic Dentistry.  Dr. Wold founded  Orognathic Bioesthetics International, Inc. in 1994.  It has since become a foundation and is now known as the  OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry.   

Bioesthetic Dentistry was found in the clinical research and practice of Dr. Robert L. Lee, D.D.S., culminating from his concept of biologic occlusion.  He originated the word bioesthetic and defined it as:


Bioesthetics is the study or theory of the beauty of living things in their natural forms and functions.”


Dr. Wold defined Orognathic Bioesthetics as:

a process that accepts biologic form as the basis for comprehensive functional diagnosis and rehabilitation of the stomatognathic system.